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MCFALLSTECH custom designs software, mechanical, and electrical solutions to help your business outperform your competition. Custom solutions shouldn't be painful or intimidating - we make it simple.

With the technology provided by MCFALLSTECH, we are years ahead of our competitors.
It's like a different company now. It's so much easier to work and get things done.
It's the best information that we've ever had - it's pretty awesome
It's so much easier ... everything is a lot simpler.


Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is hard work. Make your systems easier to use so you can focus on what you do best.




We work together to ensure you get exactly what you want. Operations. Optimized.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Our world-class solutions give you insights into your business that you never thought were possible.

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Navicat Reseller

I’ve been using Navicat for years to manage all kinds of databases.  MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SQLite, and now MongoDB.  Navicat is the best GUI I’ve used – ever.  It really improves how quickly and how flexible I can be during development. I really enjoy using their software.  So much, that I signed up for […]


Bartender Authorized Reseller

We are now authorized resellers of Bartender Automation software from Seagull Scientific.  Our expertise using this software is unparalleled – we’ll get the most of our investment in this great tool for automating labeling, badge creation, RFID, and more. Update part labeling processes to be complete automated Design intelligent solutions that allow anyone to print […]


Eat your own dog food

/bitbucket.org/gmcfalls/timetracker We get a lot of questions regarding sample code and projects.  Most of our projects fall under some kind of corporate non-disclosure, confidentiality statement, so we created a sample project that we now use internally to manage our invoicing process.  If we are supposed to be good at custom designing solutions to help your […]

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Most of what I do is turning data into information.  Taking raw numbers and turning them into a meaningful story.  Sometimes, the story explains where a company needs to improve quality.  Other times, the story explains how a new product is doing in the marketplace.  Most of the time, the story is how a factory […]

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Making great ribs with data analytics

I love to cook.  Italian food, Japanese food, any food.  You name it, and I have probably tried to make it at least once.  But one of my favorite things to cook are good ole’ ribs.  For the last few years, I’ve been trying to perfect smoking ribs on a gas grill with varying degrees […]



Do you go with a completely custom solution, or just customize a solution that’s already there?  This is a tough decision.  Going completely custom can take a while, but the result is usually geared specifically to what you do.  Customizing can be a little quicker, but you’re still stuck with the limitations of whatever system […]

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Machine-to-machine communication is really catching on.  Whether you call it M2M or IoT, the concept is the same.  You want the devices and equipment around you to communicate: Your punch presses, press brakes, etc… can tell you how often it has cycled Your injection molding machines can tell you process times and throughput automatically ATMs […]

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